04 Apr 2015 My favorite source code editor

What is your favorite source code editor? Is it VIM or Sublime, Brackets or....?

When I started using sublime. I thrilled with its speed and expandability and number of plug-ins.

During my talk on ES6 Preparation, I want to experiment brackets to prepare code snippets and run jasmine test suite. I can able to find similar plugins in brackets. I started use to brackets and best fit for my web projects with autocompletion, lint and code beautify tools.

When I started to work with brackets for multiple projects at the same time and it was challenging with brackets due to single bracket instance and project state was not maintained correctly.

I started to look alternative editor and I wanted to experiment Atom it contains all needed plugins for my development and support multiple atom instances to work complex project structures.

Here are the installed packages for code-beautify, lint my source code that related to golang,python,css and react.

  • atom-beautify
  • atom-jsfmt
  • autocomplete-html
  • autocomplete-plus
  • autoprefixer
  • color-picker
  • csslint
  • emmet
  • fixmyjs
  • fold-functions
  • go-plus
  • go-rename
  • gocode
  • godef
  • jshint
  • language-jsx
  • linter
  • linter-golint
  • merge-conflicts
  • minimap
  • project-manager
  • quotes
  • react
  • refactor
  • tabs-to-spaces
  • terminal-status
  • toggle-quotes
  • toggle-slash

During 3 months usage, I happy with Atom for my current project needs.

Technically, Atom and Brackets are using Webkit as runtime environment and best suitable for small and moderate web projects. sublime developed in C++ and supporting plugin in python and suitable for all project structures. I experienced that find and replace features are time-consuming operations in Atomor Brackets then sublime if the project has more files due to the technical limitation.

vi is favorite editor when I am working in server environment and limited memory constraints. notepad is rescue tool in fresh windows system.

Development community gifted us various editors, I will prefer to install all these editors in my system and love to use when I want to open :-)