26 Sep 2015 Value-Driven Project Plan

After very stressful three weeks of current work in preparing project plans and design proof of concepts (to validate estimations :-) ), I looked at my personal calendar for PMP PDUs, I realized that I was behind the schedule in gaining 3 PDUs and started looking for interesting webinars and articles.

I looked at the following articles

  • What’s Wrong with the Plan? : With different perception of building capacity and value driven execution and instead of plan-driven execution
  • Prepare to Pitch : an advice to senior project managers to Keep your eyes and ears open, find new opportunities, pitch, execute, repeat. That’s the formula for long-term viability in today’s project management profession.
  • Alignment Map : Mapping from business Cases to project initiates, execution and IT Support

After reading these articles, it enforces further that the project plans should be aligned with business cases and value driven execution

Another interesting article http://larsbarkman.com/2015/08/26/alignmentmaps-with-graphviz/ using graphviz to build a graph. I will try this tool for next assignment :-)

You can check it out another interesting Book www.agileorgdesign.com/p/table-of-contents-preface.html by Sriram Narayan to look different perception of agile in business,team and delivery contexts.

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