30 Jan 2015 can sprint plan/review meeting reschedule frequently?

"Sprint Review Meeting postponed for 2 hours."

"Sprint Planning Meeting rescheduled to tomorrow because ..."

Do you see these messages frequently while working with various sprints?

Generally, Coming late for any meeting or reschedule meetings frequently (mainly India) are taking lightly for different reasons.

Sometimes, When was I coming late to home at 10 PM then My Wife referred that it was big mistake because her next scheduled plan disrupted and it leaded to missing school bus for my children in next day because they are delayed to reach the bus stop. It has an impact on taking food.

In Software Development, Do you see any impact on coming late for Sprint Review Meeting or frequently reschedule meetings ?

Agile Practices are more focus on Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Scrum Masters, Product Owners are the role models for Scrum Team; Team will get influenced or tuned by Product Owner's behaviour.

As product owner, If he/she is coming late to the meeting and not presenting focused backlog items then it signals to team that Product Owner was not focused or this project is less priority for the product owner; Team may take this signal and delivery very poor quality and finding excuses like insufficient time,scope or it is big work for sprint. Follow up meeting like retrospective meeting will be delayed or skipped.

Agile Practices are stressful and highly disciplined practices. I see coming late and delay in sprint plan and review meetings are some of anti-patterns that it may leads to sprints and project poor deliveries.

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